Scheduling employees can be time consuming. Manage schedules the easier way.

Cut hours from the scheduling routine

Scheduling your employees doesn’t have to be a weekly guessing game.


Building and maintaining employee schedules can take far too long for managers, but not any more! Now you can start filling dropped shifts in seconds, identify overtime costs and overstaffing problems in seconds, and free up managers from hours manual scheduling duties.

PayOptions Scheduling

Save countless hours in planning and updating employee shifts with automated scheduling!

With tools like an our employee shift trade board, email and text collaboration, and “Best Fit Wizard” for assigning employees to shifts by prioritized criteria, your service can improve while overtime and administration go down.

Employee Trade Board
Swap and pick up shifts with ease.

TimeSimplicity’s Trade Board feature enables employees to initiate shift trades with their manager by placing these requests online. And since Trade Board utilizes Email & Text Collaboration, once approved the employees are notified immediately and can respond to any shift change requests. Employees no longer have to wait for their managers to circulate requests on their behalf, and managers can quickly view, monitor and approve shift request changes online.

Spend less time building and adjusting schedules. Spend more time improving productivity.

Email and Text Collaboration.
Fill open shifts in minutes with text and email automation.

Close coverage gaps in minutes with Email & Text Collaboration. Have a last-minute call in? No longer scramble to call and locate employees to fill the shift. Now you can simply send out email and text alerts, notifying your whole team in an instant so employees can conveniently pick up the shift.

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