It's your turn to relax. Enjoy customizable solutions with concierge-level personal service.


Effortless Payroll. Expert Tax Knowledge.

Payroll doesn’t have to be such an ordeal. There’s an easier way. Experience effortless online, fax or over-the-phone payroll entry. Our Expert Tax Knowledge staff will handle all your Federal, State and Local tax filings on your behalf.

Zero-Effort Setup.


We believe setup should be a pain-free process. Our expert team handles all setup customized to your specs. Not only will this save you time but will ensure full compliance with all Federal, State and Local tax entities.

PayOptions Service Team

Let us take the work from your desk to ours.

Customizable solutions that make payroll fit your business needs.


Automate your tax payments, direct deposits and data handling. Access pertinent information for you and your employees conveniently online.


In minutes, a simple phone call to our friendly staff will replace hours of non-productive time in your busy schedule. You can use that time to concentrate on your product and sales.


It could not be simpler to type up an email with employee pay specifics or use the fax sheet we provide for you to communicate your payroll specifics. We’ll do the work for you!

Personal Service

Best technology… one-to-one attention.

Experience the difference with a dedicated specialist that knows your account and preferences. Our focus on having the best-in-industry customer service is the backbone of everything we do.


We utilize the latest technology couple with one-to-one personal service to automate our clients’ processes and bring the highest level of service at the lowest possible price.

Custom-designed solutions. Multiple Options.

At PayOptions, we aim to deliver not only the peace of mind that comes with simplicity and concierge-level service, but we also deliver customized solutions to meet your business needs.


Attention to detail, streamlined processes, and offering multiple options to fit your needs is our approach.

Customized workforce solutions

Multiple options to find the right fit for your need

The technology to streamline your processes

Proactive, responsive and flexible service team

Multiple customizable payroll options

Paperless Systems

With Direct Deposit or pay card options we are able to provide comprehensive online systems for client and employee access. Never worry about reports and checks floating around the office.

Fully Insured

PayOptions is 100% insured for every dollar that flows through our organization for your peace of mind. 

PayOptions | fully insured payroll service

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