Now you can focus on your business. Leave the administrative work to us.


Technology to streamline your payroll and timekeeping process.
Personal, expert service only a phone call away.


Effortless online/fax/over the phone entry. Expert Tax Knowledge handle all Federal, State & Local tax filings on your behalf.


Web, mobile and wall mounted solutions to record time, track location, manage schedules and time off requests.

ACA Compliance

Are you ACA compliant? Full ALE testing and filing compliance, fully integrated with our online payroll portal.

HR Compliance

You have HR questions. Discover the easiest way to find answers to your HR compliance questions.

PayOptions helps keep you focused on your business activities while leaving the administrative work to us. Keeping track of tax, benefits, Insurance, and legislative changes become more time consuming ever year. You just report the hours worked and we do the rest.

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