HR Services

Improve your existing HR practices with time-saving, convenient tools.

HR solutions to empower your staff

Download documents, forms, policies and assessments. Obtain guidance in best practices in recruiting, employee development, career planning, termination, etc. Easy access to compliance rules and regulations. Enroll in web based training.

Whether you are a small business creating policies and handbooks or an advanced HR organization managing staffing, talent development or implementing best practices, the HR store has all the tools and information you will need.

Review and register for web based Business and Leadership learning events. Find out what learning events are available and where.

Is your business facing competitive demands? Will you be able to find, manage and develop a more productive and results-oriented workforce while cutting costs at the same time? If your organization is feeling the pressure, TMS can help.

What does a bad hire costs? How do you hire the best candidate? Hiring can be a vary time consuming and daunting task. TM Solutions can assist is any part of the process or lead the entire process ensuring compliance, minimizing risk and saving you time.

Today’s successful, forward-thinking organizations recognize that achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage is contingent upon sensible investment in current and future leaders. Get a head start on the competition now by investing in your internal leadership.

Labor laws and compliance assistance from the Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other government sources.

Need facility compliance posters? This site will assist you in analyzing what posters are needed and then allow you to print the required compliance poster for free.

Simplify and start saving on payroll today.